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VitalityHealth is a trading name of Vitality Health Limited and Vitality Corporate Services Limited. Registered numbers 05051253 and 05933141 respectively. VitalityLife is a trading name of Vitality Corporate Services Limited and Vitality Life Limited registered number 03319079. Vitality Life Limited is the insurer which underwrites the VitalityLife plan. Vitality Health Limited is the insurer which underwrites the VitalityHealth plan, Vitality Corporate Services Limited arranges and administers the VitalityHealth and VitalityLife plans. All companies are registered in England and Wales. Registered offices at 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AQ.

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The views expressed on this website are not necessarily those of Vitality Corporate Services Limited, or its agents, nor are the products advertised herein necessarily covered as benefits in terms of the rules of the VitalityHealth Private Medical Insurance Policy, or VitalityLife Policy nor are they necessarily endorsed by Vitality Corporate Limited, Vitality Health Insurance Limited or Vitality Health Services Limited. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information, neither Vitality Corporate Services Limited, nor any of its staff or its agents will be held responsible for any omissions or errors, or for any misfortune, injury or damages which may arise therefore.

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What to do if you're not happy about a product or service

We aim to provide excellent products and service at all times. If you feel you have cause to complain, in the first instance a staff member at our Administration Office will deal with the problem and will try to provide a quick and satisfactory conclusion for you.

We hope you never need to complain, but if you do please write to us at:

VitalityHealth Customer Services

Copies of our Complaint Handling Procedures are also available at this address.

You can also call us on 0800 096 6322.

If you are not satisfied with our response, you may then take your complaint to:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

Alternatively, phone the service centre on 0800 023 4567. Calls to this number are normally free for people ringing from a "fixed line" phone - but charges may apply if you call from a mobile phone. Using it does not affect your legal rights.

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